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DFB x Strenesse

July 1, 2010

Gabriele Strehle and her brand Strenesse, have been dressing the Deutscher Fussball-Bund (DFB) since 2006, and it’s a chant of “Simplicity Über Alles!”

With its latest range of World Cup clothing, the brand has found the perfect (and perfectly manicured) poster-child in German coach Joachim Löw. No-one in the team epitomizes that  particular German style of ‘Mannschaft’ more than Löw. The man is a walking, talking and screaming Strenesse billboard. His perfectly folded scarf has caused more of a stir than Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal. Well, not really.

Strenesse’s clean lines and paired-down silhouettes are all executed with the German precision of a Philipp Lahm cross, and the attention to detail of a Audi A6. Note the tiny gold, black and red pocket or lapel details.

Try and get your hands on German fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth’s World Cup tribute book, ‘Die Spieler’, available from Strenesse in Germany.


Moses Mabhida Stadium : Brazil v Portugal

June 30, 2010

The first thing my Durban mates asked me after the game was:

“Isn’t it better than Cape Town Stadium?

Expecting me to defend my chosen home city’s facilities, they were surprised at my answer.

But it is.

It is a perfectly contextualised stadium: on the KwaZulu Natal coastline, beautifully opened up to the sunshine, and channeling the warm Indian Ocean wind.

This is how Durban does ‘STADIUM’.

Don’t get me wrong. I love CT Stadium. It’s like a ‘team huddle’. A ‘cosy-up’. A ‘take refuge from the storms’.

But Moses is a special place. The first truly ‘tropical’ stadium I have experienced. And one of epic proportion. It’s our Colosseum.

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Pity none of the Brazilian players deemed it worthy of equal flare on the groomed pitch.

Best World Cup Anthem : “Represent” by Weezer

June 28, 2010

What a crazy weekend of football.

All but one of my favoured teams, are on the plane home. Some absurd refereeing calls. Some terrible defending. A few cross-bars getting in the way of the nets. And some stunning goals.

I guess that is what makes this such a great game to watch. Anything can happen. And has. The fact that the entire world stops what it is doing for 90 minutes and waits, gasps, and sighs, has got to make this the single biggest behavioural modifier known to man.

And so we bid farewell to the Mexicans, Koreans, English and Americans.

One thing Team USA did win, or at least according to MakethMan, was Best World Cup Anthem. But then, I am a bit of a Weezer fan. Apparently, the team was blasting this in the change-room, when Bill Clinton came in for chat.

He sang along.

CurbCrawler Contribution #6 : United Flags

June 23, 2010
The CurbCrawler has been getting into the World Cup spirit and finding some bold colour combinations on the streets.

Forca Portugal! Forca Cape Town Stadium!

June 23, 2010

22 players.

65,000 fans (mainly Pora’s or wannabe Pora’s).

7 Goals (again all Pora).

And 1 awe-inspiring, ‘pantheonic’ stadium.

… And the crowd went wild!

Great game. Forca Portugal!

Game On #4: Paul Smith

June 1, 2010

Ask any menswear designer who their list of Quintessential British Designers are.

I would bet that Paul Smith makes it onto 100% of those lists. And I reckon about 60% would have him safely wedged at #1.

Now ask any lover of a finely made suit, what one brand they would love to have in their wardrobe, above all? If Sir Paul didn’t make that list I would be surprised.

Three years ago I made my first purchase of a Paul Smith suit. It’s a classic grey Prince of Wales check. I took the whole morning and 2 sales assistants to make my decision. I wasn’t going to take this lightly. I made an occasion of the purchase. I made them work for their money.

Now it sits, pride of place, in my closet. I treated myself, and will be wearing that suit for a lifetime.

If you have ever been to Japan, you will know that Paul Smith, as a brand, is right up there with Porter, Ralph Lauren and the Japanese Emperor himself. In South Africa, we have been blessed with a store in Cape Town’s Waterfront, and on Parkhurst’s 4th Avenue. No matter where you live, the idea of a Paul Smith World Cup supporters shirt has got to sound like a winner. And with the man’s quirky take on Brit sensibility, no prizes for guessing that these are probably the most unique garments to make the Game On list.

Check out that PS’s twist on traditional ‘curio shop’ faire.

Brilliant mate!

These babies are available at both stores, and selling fast!

So get down and pick up your piece of design history before they are all gone.

Paul Smith Cape Town

Shop 7228

Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront


+27 0 214 180 007

Paul Smith Johannesburg

25, 7th street (Cnr. 4th Avenue)




South Africa

+27 114 471 074