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MakethMan’s New Web Portal

July 22, 2010

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Know Your Knit

May 20, 2010

With thoughts of the recession still strong in our minds (and here to stay), a shift back to more discreet approach to dressing seems to finding its way into our conscious and our closet.

A rounder toe on those muted leather boots? Less shimmer? Less shine? No need to flaunt it. Even if you have earned it.

Feeling the need to rummage through vintage stores in search of a classic overcoat, yet still being driven by the need to look and feel good, where does one turn?

Well, with winter squarely planting itself at the door, some traditional jerseys seem a great start. Look out for thicker, heavier knits, in darker, more sober wools and double knit cottons. The kind of stuff a salty, old fisherman would turn to when setting out to round the cape.

To get you in the spirit, Maketh Man has prepared a list of four key knitwear options for the cold season.

1. The Aran

Also known as ‘The Fisherman’.┬áThe Aran takes its name from the Aran Islands, just off the Irish coast. Typically cream in colour, the Aran features thick, bold cables down the front. Originally, these would have been made with unscoured wool, which retains its natural lanolin oils, and makes them water-resistant. Perfect for a Cape winter.

Featured : The Aran Flame from FOLK Clothing

2. The Shawl Collar

The shawl collar itself, was first seen on Victorian smoking jackets, and is now more common as a tuxedo lapel. The shawl collar cardigan is a chunky winter option, and will form a great ‘hardy annual’ for the next few winters, so see it as an investment. Think Steven McQueen or Starsky & Hutch, and look out for suede elbow patches.

Featured,  the Irwin Collar Cardigan by Albam

3. The Knitted Hoodie

I’m not a big fan of the Hoodie, but there are a few exceptions; the gym, after a surf, hitting the couch on a rainy day of dvds. That kind of ‘relaxed and comfy’ thing. This winter, however, there seem to be a few more exceptions. Take this knitted hoddie from J Crew, complete with string and leather toggles.

4. The Simple Cardigan

Enough said.

Featured, the Waffle Cardigan from FOLK Clothing

And the Elbow Patch Cardigan by Albam