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Shigenobu Twilight Wooded Fragrance by Anicka Yi & Maggie Peng

June 29, 2010

The first thing I thought about when I saw this bold packaging was a rather twisted form of JENGA.
Remember the crafty game of balance, made from untreated pegs of wood?
I loved that game. But not as much as I love this Shigenobu Twilight Fragrance.
The story behind the fragrance is almost as alluring as the chiseled chucks of wood themselves:
Start with one New York artist, Anicka Yi.
Add the sculptural eye of architect Maggie Peng.
Take inspiration from former Japanese Red Army Leader Fusako Shigenobu, and the land of his exile, Lebanon (hence the cedar wood).
Hand-distill a fragrance using three different types of cedar wood as your base notes, violet leaf & nutty tones for your heart notes, and top off with yuzu, shiso leaf and black pepper.
Packaged in glass bottles encased in hand-crafted raw cedar-wood casks.
And the result is an objet d’arte that would look as comfortable on the mantlepiece, as the toiletries shelf.
Thanks to CurbCrawler for sniffing this one out.
Available at $160  from Oogabooga via Swipelife