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MakethMan’s New Web Portal

July 22, 2010

MakethMan is now at

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Shigenobu Twilight Wooded Fragrance by Anicka Yi & Maggie Peng

June 29, 2010

The first thing I thought about when I saw this bold packaging was a rather twisted form of JENGA.
Remember the crafty game of balance, made from untreated pegs of wood?
I loved that game. But not as much as I love this Shigenobu Twilight Fragrance.
The story behind the fragrance is almost as alluring as the chiseled chucks of wood themselves:
Start with one New York artist, Anicka Yi.
Add the sculptural eye of architect Maggie Peng.
Take inspiration from former Japanese Red Army Leader Fusako Shigenobu, and the land of his exile, Lebanon (hence the cedar wood).
Hand-distill a fragrance using three different types of cedar wood as your base notes, violet leaf & nutty tones for your heart notes, and top off with yuzu, shiso leaf and black pepper.
Packaged in glass bottles encased in hand-crafted raw cedar-wood casks.
And the result is an objet d’arte that would look as comfortable on the mantlepiece, as the toiletries shelf.
Thanks to CurbCrawler for sniffing this one out.
Available at $160  from Oogabooga via Swipelife

Indépendance cha-cha – Le jour d’après

June 24, 2010

Charmingly styled, this reminds me of old Sophiatown footage and Drum magazine shoots – remember the classic Janet Jackson video?

This one got me with the directors names, Spike and Jones.

A classic case for a sharp dressed man to always pay attention to the details: braces, bow-tie and hat.

“Shot in the “Bon marché” (Barumbu) neighbourhood, at the heart of Kinshasa, featuring the late Wendo Kolosoy’s backing band, “Indépendance cha-cha – Le jour d’après” is a new take on the African independence anthem written in 1960 by Joseph “grand kallé” Kabasele and Nicolas ” dr. nico” Kassanda.”

Face The Front #1: Edwin Jagger

June 3, 2010

Barnet Fair, our favourite men’s grooming Barber&Shop, has signed up to become a regular feature  on Maketh Man, giving us tips and tricks on maintaining our most prized asset: our ‘Chevy Chase’.

A contribution from Barnet Fair.

Face The Front #1: Edwin Jagger

We are not here to tell you what to buy, or to try and coerce you into changing to fancy new product for the sake of it, but merely to share with you – friends with a common interest, what we like or dislike. To give you a ‘heads-up’ on our findings out there in the South African market. Be it home grown or imported, at least we’ve tried it, tested it and are now telling the truth about it.

Lets face it, as discerning males, glossy magazines bombard us with thousands of men’s grooming products from all corners of the globe. But unless you can afford to travel twice a year (unlike me), you can’t get your hands on the stuff they promise will satisfy all our grooming desires. Yes, certain companies will ship internationally, but you want that cracker aftershave balm , or that thinning hair shampoo –  NOW!

I’m going to tell you very briefly about two such products I’ve found.

1. Edwin Jagger Wet Shave Range comprises of a focused assortment of shave creams, soaps and aftershave balm. Many products we use on our face these days are full of parabens and paraffin (the nastys that dry your skin out). It is imperative to always moisturize after a shave. And after using one of these puppies, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed .

2. Edwin Jagger Aftershave Balms come in three variants, namely:

  • Sandalwood – a combination of exotic peppery wood and spiciness. Highly masculine yet discreet. Ideal for normal and dry skin.
  • Aloe Vera – Soothing, helps to repair and protect. Fragrance is delicate and restrained, very unassuming. Excellent for sensitive skin.
  • Sea Buckthorn – ‘Hippophae Ramnoides’ is a diciduous thorny shrub found in Asia and Europe on sea coasts. Its small orange berries are exceptionally rich in Vitamin C, helping restore and replenish dehydrated skin. Sea Buckthorn has an understated fruity fragrance which is light and refreshing. Suitable for all skin types.

So there you have it – and the best part is it’s 99.9% natural and available right here in Cape Town.

Contact Barnet Fair
021- 424 1302

STANDARD: a Fragrance by Artek and Comme des Garçons

May 11, 2010

Finnish furniture company Artek are perhaps best know for Alvar Aalto’s stacking tables, and giving the world a frame of reference for Scandi-cool when it comes to kitting out your home.

Rei Kawakubo’s Comme Des Garçons is know for blurring the lines between discreet mens tailoring and androgynous silhouettes. That, and mind-blowing flagship stores and a series of ‘pop-up’ retail outlets from Helsinki to Beirut.

Together they are now know in the Maketh Man handbook for STANDARD. A new fragrance developed by CDG master perfume creator, Christian Astuguevieille, and inspired by Alvar Aalto’s original design principles of order and simplicity.

“The result is a blend of Finnish Labrador Tea, Twinflower Linnea Borealis, metal and rust in the base notes and fennel, ginger, lemon, musk, saffron and cedarwood in the top notes.”

Maketh Man squeezed into the Monocle Shop just off London’s Marylebone High Street, and picked up a bottle of the stuff. Apart from being drawn to the awesome packaging, the old-world scent takes me back to my grandfather’s workshop and his dusty old workbench. Notes of wood shavings and a breathe of linseed oil come through. Not for everyone, but perfect for the Maketh Man’s Cape winters.

Maketh Man applauds the hand-written invoice from the Monocle Shop.

STANDARD is available at the Monocle Shop

2A George Street
London W1
+44 20 7486 8770

You don’t need to fly to London to buy it, purchase online from Colette here:

Sort That Barnet Out, Mate!

April 21, 2010

I thought it rather fitting to dedicate my inaugural article to that rather gentlemanly of pursuits, “The Hot Towel Shave”.

Having not grown up on the Lower East Side, in some De Niro/Scorcese Mafiosa film, the notion of lying back in a leather chair, whilst a white-coated gent lathers my face with a Silver-Tipped Badger-hair brush (don’t worry, the proprietor assures me its ‘faux badger’) and then takes a cutlass to my most delicate of throat-regions, is what I would call ”a daily occurrence’. But I could hardly turn down the offer from Bree Street’s newly-opened barbershop, Barnet Fair, to swing past for a hot towel, a buzz and a shave.

One’s ‘Barnet’, as those of born within the chimes of Bow Bells will refer, can be a man’s most sacred of aesthetic qualities. Not something to be taken lightly. And a serious responsibility to be handed to your ‘cut-meister’ of choice. Finding a good barber in these days of metrosexual stylists, faux mohawks and wax/gel/bedhead nonsense, can be more of a challenge than what style to go with. I have personally, fostered a nine year relationship with ‘My Guy’, Andrew Gilfoil, of Scar Hair. So when I heard he had teamed up with well-heeled brand-man, Steve Pitt, to open a real barber’s shop, with hot towel shaves, short-back-and-sides, and the obligatory striped Barber’s pole, I had to book an appointment.

Unlucky for me, they, like a real Barber’s shop, don’t take appointments. Lucky for me, they had just opened, and so I had no wait to speak of.

Sitting back in the vintage Japanese Takara barber’s chair (circa 1930’s), my face enveloped in a steaming-hot white towel, I immediately thought about my grandfather. I never met Jack Armitage. He passed before we had the chance to meet up for a beer. But, I had always referred to the old boy via the sepia-soaked family portraits. Jack was a proper lad. And this is something Jack would have done. A manly way to pass time. The towel, the brush, and cream, the shave, the whole thing. Indulgent and modest at the same time.

Proprietor Steve Pitt, has traveled the globe, and has had his noggin shaved in far-flung barber’s chairs from Istanbul to Athens, Naples and Hong Kong. He is a real-shave evangelist that knows his badger-hair brushes from his blades, and his Edwin Jagger foams from his balms.

And I am glad to have him in the neighbourhood.

Barnet Fair is the latest addition to the St Stephen’s Church retail node on Cape Town’s Bree St.
It is open 6 days a week.

Mon – Fri:  9.00 – 18.00
Sat:     9.00 – 14.00

Maketh Man can recommend the Hot Towel Shave, or the Groom’s package for all the lads on your big day.

Barnet Fair Pricelist:
haircut – 120
hot towel shave – 150
haircut & hot towel – 270
beard trim – 60
moustache – 40
beard trim and neck – 80
Groom’s party package incl. beer – 300
all incl.

Barnet Fair
98 Bree St
St Stephen’s Church
Cape Town

Steve Pitt

082 357 5097