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MakethMan’s New Web Portal

July 22, 2010

MakethMan is now at

Click the above link to join us.


The Launch of Aficionado

July 6, 2010

One of my early mentors was guy by the name of Craig Ralph.

Not sure what Craig is up to these days, but my time spent with him as a recent graduate trying to figure my way through the corporate structures of retail banking (don’t ask – that’s another world, far, far away from the present), proved to be invaluable. One of the many insights into the human psyche that Craig taught me, was a very simple truth about the way we, as individuals, like to surround ourselves with like-minded people.

People like people who are like themselves“, is what he used say.

The key is figuring out what they want, and giving it to them.”

Sounds like lyrics to a Jimmy Buffett song, but a lesson I have applied in my limited business career, to great effect.

The notion of ‘group think‘ has been around us for years. Chat to my dad and he will tell you about his time as a ‘DuckTail’ in the 60’s: the perfectly tapered trouser legs creating the characteristic ‘stove-pipe’ jeans, immaculately greased-back hair, and one inch rolled sleeves. None of his mates would be seen dead without the tribal dress code or not on the seat of a Norton Commando or Triumph ‘Bonne’.

These types of tribes surround us today. Maybe not to the extent of previous generations. Not as aesthetically prescriptive, or blatantly obvious. It’s more of a ‘mental tribe’ these days. You can be a goth, I can be all EMO, she can be all crafty and into her knitting, and them over there, they can be tragic hipsters. But we can all unite over a common interest, a love, an obsession.

I can say with conviction that I do indeed like people that are like me. You must too – or else you wouldn’t be reading this blog. Further, I have found the badge of a new mental tribe to pin to my parka. And I would like to introduce this tribe to you.

Welcome to Aficionado.

MakethMan has had the pleasure of being invited to join a group of very like-minded individuals, all experts (and passionately so) in their fields of Fashion, Food and Travel. My list of new friends reads like “Roll Call Of Cool”, and includes bloggers Justine Stafford from I for 1, and food writer Andy Fenner, better known as JamieWho? And the best part about it all, is that this tribe is proudly South African – global content, filtered through local eyes. A huge honour for me, and one I accept with great respect and humble admiration.

So from now on be sure to connect with MakethMan, I for 1 , JamieWho? and the world of Aficionado at

Thanks for the support, and enjoy the read.


An Eye For Eyewear

June 17, 2010

If you are anything like me, you seek out the unique. You hunt down the rare. You scratch, and scour. And then, when you find that piece, that one thing that no-one else can lay claim to, you wear it with pride, and a sense of accomplishment over your ability to ‘discover‘ an item that is a tangible expression of your sense of self.

Eyewear has always been a tricky one for me. Follow the crowd? Or, pay through your teeth for those seemingly exclusive (yet mass-produced) numbers that fill the shelves of the shopping mall boutiques.

Meeting the ladies from Chloe&Sjaniel, purveyors of fine vintage eyewear, has proved a welcome option for any man looking for an expression of their individuality  in eyewear.

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MakethMan had a drool over their range, and then caught up with Chloe for a quick Q&A:

1. Great frames. Can you tell us how Chloe&Sjaniel’s started?

Chloe & Sjaniel started a venture about a year ago when we created a project called Rarely Worn – selling designer second hand labels in a unique setting. Coming from the same industry and being like minded, we wanted to do more projects together.

As it happened, around that time, we made this amazing discovery of unique unworn vintage eye-wear and realised we could not pass up this opportunity.

Since we have a few collaborative projects, we’ve just called ourselves Chloe & Sjaniel (any reference to other famous design icons is purely incidental – these are our real names!).

2. I see the your range is rather edited and precise. What is your selection criteria? What qualities does a pair of frames need in order to get on the C&S shelf?

Since most of the frames are already one-offs our selection process is more about choosing shapes, colours and styles that are unique, classic or making a come back and here and there a few quirky looks too.  We have many designer labels and all our frames are made in Germany, England, Italy and France…a rare sight these days!

3. You have managed maintain an affordable pricing structure for the glasses. Considering that they are all limited, don’t you think you could charge more?

The eye-wear prices vary between R400 – R1000 each.  For empty frames we take into consideration that you may still need a prescription lens fitted.  We personally have our sunglasses fitted with excellent quality lenses. We want to make these amazing frames reasonable affordable, after all, sunglasses are like shoes – you can never have too many!!

4. Who are your favourite designers of men’s frames? And who are your style icons as far as ‘men in glasses‘?

We love Tom Ford – who’s remaking many of the styles we have.  Viktor & Rolf, for their expression of a bygone era.  Paul Smith‘s designs are practical but fun.  In our own collection we have icons such as Oliver Goldsmith, Lacoste, Carerra, Cazal, Luciano Suprani and even Anglo American!

James Dean is a definite style icon for sunglasses – the wayfarer original – old world glamour.  John Lennon will always be known for his look – the round frame,quirky and individual.

Woody Allen does nerdy like no one else can,(the thick square black frame has made a huge comeback)

Jack Nicholson‘s sunglasses have  created the mysterious sex symbol  he is today.

We love Elton John’s outrageous and glamourous collections.

Johnny Depp‘s classic & sophisticated look definitely does it for us.(no one can do torouise shell quiet as well)

And last but not least, Karl Lagerfeld‘s glasses are the epitome of his untouchable sophistication meets rock persona.

5. Chloe&Sjaniel’s is only available at the Neighbour Goods Market. Why have you chosen to do this, and what do you enjoy about the market?

The Neighbourgoods Market is the only place where local talent can come and show off their individual designs.  It’s the kind of place where like-minded people come together to eat, drink, network and buy the best that Cape Town has to offer.

Modern, beautiful, and free thinking individuals frequent the market and these are the people that will want to be seen in a pair of our vintage frames.

In this environment we can give our customers the personal attention they deserve .  The market has an old world charm that is rare, fun & very much desired these days,which is exactly what our beautiful eyewear represents.

You can find their selection down at the Neighbour Goods market on Saturdays, or contact via email at :