DFB x Strenesse

Gabriele Strehle and her brand Strenesse, have been dressing the Deutscher Fussball-Bund (DFB) since 2006, and it’s a chant of “Simplicity Über Alles!”

With its latest range of World Cup clothing, the brand has found the perfect (and perfectly manicured) poster-child in German coach Joachim Löw. No-one in the team epitomizes that  particular German style of ‘Mannschaft’ more than Löw. The man is a walking, talking and screaming Strenesse billboard. His perfectly folded scarf has caused more of a stir than Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal. Well, not really.

Strenesse’s clean lines and paired-down silhouettes are all executed with the German precision of a Philipp Lahm cross, and the attention to detail of a Audi A6. Note the tiny gold, black and red pocket or lapel details.

Try and get your hands on German fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth’s World Cup tribute book, ‘Die Spieler’, available from Strenesse in Germany.


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2 Responses to “DFB x Strenesse”

  1. Tudor Says:

    Joachim Low gets a little mannschafted by this sports blogger for his particular style.

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