Art Industry: Nu-Wave of the New Wave

Simon Nicholson is a bright lad.

Kick Ass Simon” as I knew back in the day from Durban’s North Beach, is not only only of South Africa’s finest surfers, and cleanest riders of the wave, but also one of the brains behind YDE menswear label BLACKHAWK.

And bright lad that he is, he knows the value in great partnerships. This month he announces his latest partnership, and the birth of a new brand of home-bred menswear, ART INDUSTRIES. The partner in questions is Arno Jackson, a youthful veteran of some 9 years as designer at Volcom. The two have teamed up to launch a range of clothing that looks to bring a certain simplicity and honesty to South African fashion.

I caught up with the lads for a little Q&A:

1. What has your inspiration been for the first Art Industry  range?

The objective of the company is to create a beautiful garment, an art piece essentially. Each garment should adhere to the 4F-Sake citeria. Fabric, Function, Fit and lastly Fashion. While it is important to be fashionable, the other 3 are fundamentals. The garment should not only perform the function it was designed for, but also follow the technical construction to ensure longevity. Fabrics are chosen on both aesthetic appeal and technical merit, while all garments are tailored to fit. Art Industry is Clean, Constructed & Asymmetric in Design.

2. What are the key pieces from your range?

The strength of any reputable brand is in their Denim. With this in mind the first piece, Frank Black Denim. A slim modern straight leg fit, with asymmetric construction, inverted yoke detail and embroidered Art Industry leather branderhide. (This style is also offered in an Acid Wash Corduroy)

Sans Gothic Jacket, a PU utility inspired jacket, with extended double entry left breast pocket, asymmetric shoulder epualettes, and metal trim detail.

Aksidnez Slim Cardigan, Heavy Cut & Sew jersey hooded Cardigan with Functional Kangaroo style pockets, asymmetrical back yoke and Shear Logo embroidery.

– Art Slim T, a photgraphic slim fit crew neck T. I constructed the letters out of cardboard and took them out to my back steps where we took the final image, is this art?

3. When does it launch?

26th July 2010

4. Who would wear Art Industry?

Art Industry is for an educated consumer, who understands a clean spohisticated garment with minimal branding. He is an artist/aspires to the arts. (Designer/Musician/Actor etc). He is independent in thought.

If you want to get in touch with either Simon or Arno, and put some Art back into your Industry, see the contact details below:


CELL: 072-204-2970


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8 Responses to “Art Industry: Nu-Wave of the New Wave”

  1. Nash Says:

    Where are these threads available? I know you said 26 July but I’m sure you know people who know people.
    I want them on me.

  2. Lauren Taylor Says:

    Flipping Awesome!
    good luck guys.

  3. Simon Nicholson Says:

    thanks for the support guys… YDE in 8 weeks and counting.

  4. Bobby Cherry Says:

    Looks amazing.

    Love everything about it!!! Keep up the great work.

  5. Dylan Cherry Says:

    Nicely done. You have to recognize brother.

  6. Kathryn Says:

    Well done, so proud of you guys!

  7. OSlOlSO Says:

    Wish there’s a place we can go to get like a notification email that the range is available at YDE? Really LOVE the cardigan!

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